Auntie Sceb

Paper crafting my way to an apocalypse scrapbook with some knitting sewing and cooking thrown in.


I have been working in healthcare for many years in various roles. After working in this field for 14 years I decided to do my Adult Nursing Diploma and worked for 4 years as a registered nurse before developing ME/CFS following shingles. I found that this illness not only effected my physical abilities but also affected my cognitive skills which meant I no longer felt confident working as a nurse so I voluntarily took myself off the NMC register and after 9 months off sick from work I returned as a health care assistant working just two days a week.

Previously I was an active person who enjoyed modern jive dance. But I had to develop new interests which took less energy and on bad days not too much thinking!!

So after fumbling around with different crafts: knitting, crochet (could not grasp it!) sewing, beading, card making and currently developing an interest in scrapbooking and paper design I realised I may be able to share what I’ve learnt with others and show it is possible to have a life though very different after ME/CFS.

I am hoping to take my interest in the apocalypse (half joking half serious!) and mix it with my interest in scrap booking to develop something solid, informative but fun. I have lots of stuff on Pinterest but if the apocalypse does happen I won’t be able to rely on that!! During my research I found there was not a lot of apocalypse scrapbook material out there unless we’re talking zombies and I’m not planning for that!! Therefore I needed to learn how to make my own paper and having cracked the basics this is where blog starts……..

Who is Auntie Sceb Anyway

I thought I better just explain why this blog is called Auntie Sceb.  Auntie Sceb is me.  It must have been in my early teenage years that I realised my younger sister had ticklish knees (just above the kneecap).  I guess I was a little annoying.  One day my sister having had enough shouted ‘Stop scebbing me!’.  The funny thing was I needed no explanation to what she meant but for those in the dark she was referring to Mr Tickle and his ‘scebby’ (spaghetti) arms.  From then on she called me Sceb or Scebby and the verb ‘tickle’ or ‘tickling’ became ‘sceb’ or ‘scebbing’.  I ‘scebbed’ her.  When my sister got older she had children who of course called me Auntie Sceb.  Then my brother had a child who also called me Auntie Sceb.  But it didn’t stop there, every other child I met also called me Auntie Sceb and many adults too!


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