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Envelope Cushion Cover on Sewing Machine

on August 1, 2015

Today I finally got around to making some cushion covers.  I had the fabric for ages.  I made two for my sister who loves her tea!

I wanted a plump looking cushion so I cut out one piece of fabric about the same size as the cushion then two halves with a bit of an overlap.  Then I ironed a hem to one edge of the two halves.

Fabric pieces  DSCF7991

Next I sewed a hem to one edge of the two halves.

Sew hem

Then I sewed the unhemmed edge to the large pieces of fabric.

Sew unhemmed edge.

Then I sewed up the sides and snipped corners.

Sew long edges Snip corners

Then I realised my overlap was too small and the cushion poked out, so I added a popper to hold the edges together and I added some buttons for decoration.

Envelope cushion made by Auntie Sceb


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