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Sewing Slippers

on July 19, 2015

I’ve been wanting to make some slippers for a long time. My sister has been looking for some ‘ ballet shoe’ type slippers but hasn’t had any luck.  As it’s her birthday I thought I would finally give it ago though I bought the materials a while back.  I will be using Pretty Prudent’s pattern and tutorial which is for a size 9 (US) 7 (UK).  My sister is a large 6 (UK) but this pattern uses elastic so I think it should be ok.  I chose this pattern because the elastic should help with the fit and it included using an insole which will make them more sturdy and look more professional (I hope).  Instead of ‘slipper gripper’ which is a non slip fabric I’m using ‘sock stop’ which is like a paint you dab on to make non slip, this is just because it worked out cheaper at the time of purchase.  You should definately use something though as slippers can be very slippy!  The butterfly fabric is by Red Rooster ‘Kiyomi Butterflies’ and I am using some fleece I got cheaply off eBay.

Just to note I am an amateur sewer (is that even a word?) so if this goes wrong please blame me not Pretty Prudent!!

So to start I’ve checked the tutorial to make sure I have everything!!!

Equipment to make slippers   Insoles Elastic   Paper scissors and fabric scissors Pins  Needle and cotton  Pretty Prudent's slipper pattern  Sock Stop

Red Rooster Fabric Kiyomi Butterflies

So I’ve got everything ready.  I was planning to hand sew the slippers as they are fairly small but I realised the top stitched channel for the elastic will look much neater if done on a machine.


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