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Sewing Slippers Part 2

on July 19, 2015

I have completed the slippers after seven hours!  Did I mention I’m an amateur sewer? I was using a John Lewis Mini which is not bad but struggled getting through several fabric layers this resulted in it jamming a few times and the stitching going askew so had to be unpicked!!

I couldn’t get my markers or fabric pen to show up on my fleece so I just pinned and cut.

Cutting out for slipper

For the uppers you may want to consider pattern placement.  I couldn’t as I didn’t have enough fabric!  I had to fit one upper into the other as with my first attempt I couldn’t fit two onto my fabric (I think it was a fat quarter).

Slipper pattern layout

Pretty Prudent says leave hole on heel of lining.  I sewed as she suggested but could not work out how to turn it right sides so I unpicked a bit of outside pulled inner through then sewed outer through a small hole in the liner.  There probabaly was an easier way but I couldn’t find it!

Pulling slipper through Slipper pulled through

I got my sister to try on the slippers and found they only just fit (she is a large UK 6) – so NO ELASTIC required!  I attempted to do a decorative top stitch but the sewing machine couldn’t handle the bulk of the fabric so I skipped that too.  So I could have handstitched them after all but then it might have took even longer (though not so hard to unpick)!  This is the Sock Stop on the base – difficult to look pretty but hopefully will prevent accidents.  What I hadn’t checked is that Sock Stop takes up to 12 hours to dry – so don’t attempt to use for a last minute gift!

Sock Stop on slipper bottoms Sock Stop close up

The finished slippers:

Finished home made slippers by Auntie Sceb

Here is my sister modelling them:

Slippers made by me Auntie Sceb

Here’s the pattern from Pretty Prudent if you missed it in Part 1


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