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Car Boot Crafty Shopping

on April 8, 2015

Pun intended!!

I’ve been looking for a die cutter on Ebay for ages I don’t really need one as I’ve just started getting in to paper crafting but I thought if I could find a bargain….  The problem is they are heavy so really only a bargain if local.  I’ve seen a few Sizzix personal die cutters go for £20 plus postage and occasionly with postage, but I keep missing them.  Today I went to a car boot and found a Sizzix personal for £12 including the system convertor which allows you to use the Sizzlits smaller dies.  I was so surprised I forgot to haggle!!  Now all I need to do is buy some dies!!

Sizzix personal Auntie Sceb

I also bought a Next skirt.  I’ve had this skirt when I was a size 12, then again when I lost weight in a size 10.  I’ve been looking for it now I’m a size 14 and finaly found it today although a size 16 it was £1!!!!

Next patchwork skirt Auntie Sceb

I paid £1 to get in, bought some chips for £2, had an hour in the sunshine and came away with a couple of bargains.  Not a bad morning!


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