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Eggs eggsplained! Not all eggs are eggsactaly the same!

on March 24, 2015

In my last two posts I mention that my cake batter was stodgy and I wasn’t sure of the reason.  I’ve now found out thanks to someone at work pointing out that it helps to weigh eggs rather than going by quantity.

Egg clip art from photograph made by me Auntie Sceb

I often use BBC Good Food for recipes, looking at their information they say that unless stated otherwise when 1 egg is called for 1 large egg is meant.  So what is a large egg?

Taking information from and for UK egg sizes:

Size              Total Weight          Weight Without    Shell  Old Size

Very large     73g+                     66g+                           0,1

Large             63-73g                 57-66g                        1,2,3

Medium          53-63g                  48-47g                        3,4,5

Small             -53g                      -48                               5,6,7

So in both recipes I’d doubled the quanities therefore I needed 4 large eggs each.  This actually worked out as 7 eggs and a bit in weight (I used a bit of milk to make up the extra) my eggs must have been tiny.  I had bought 15 eggs for a cheaper price than 12 but, it may have actually worked out more ecomomical to buy the 12 if they were actually bigger because my egg use is largely for baking as oppose to a boiled or fried egg for breakfast.

I repeated the mincepie cupcakes and they were eggscellent for the eggtra eggs!!


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