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Paper crafting my way to an apocalypse scrapbook with some knitting sewing and cooking thrown in.

Preparing for the Apocalypse – Out of Date UHT Milk

on March 17, 2015

My sister has been storing food and water in case of the apocalypse or other emergency.  The problem with that is the food etc will go out of date.  So it’s important to use and replace to keep your stock edible.  In the event of a real emergency I’m sure many items especially canned goods will be good well beyond their best before date (not use by date).

My sister had some UHT milk that was out of date at the end of Febuary 14, not only that she left it out the fridge all night.  So i tried it in my coffee – it didn’t curdle so I saw that as a good sign.  It tasted like UHT milk but otherwise okay.

It did get me thinking though.  While stockpiling for the apocalypse (or other emergency!) it’s important to check dates on foods.  But also important to store food that you would be happy to eat when there’s not an emergency situation because a lot of food will near it’s best before date and will need to be used and replaced before the apocalypse actually occurs!!


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