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ME/CFS Cleaning,Tidying and Pacing

on March 8, 2015

Key to feeling okay with ME/CFS is pacing.  If I stick with in my limits it’s the difference between feeling ‘okay’ and feeling terrible.  The problem is when you feel okay you are tempted to do too much then you crash and feel really bad for days in my case but weeks for many others.  I live in a flat so it is relatively small but if I’m not careful I think I feel okay I’ll clean the lot – bad move.  The way to deal with it islittle and often so I looked at different cleaning schedules to see what might work for me.  Bear in mind for many my schedule would be too intense even though I have broke things down into small parts.  I must admit I don’t always use but then I realise I’m not feeling so good!!

The schedule I chose is a rolling schedule so you can start anywhere and if you have a bad day you can carry on where you left off.  Other schedules are Mon – Sun but that type of schedule does not fit in with my work/life or my health.

Here’s mine:

In the middle you can put daily tasks like washing up but I hope someone else will do that!!

I found the blank schedule here and she also has her own version:


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