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How to make patterned paper using clip art with

on February 24, 2015

Last time I showed you how to make clip art with your own drawing or photo.  This time I’m going to show you how to turn that into patterned paper using  You could also use clip art you have found on the internet as long as you aren’t breaching any copyrights.

1 In open a new document.  I made a new document 600 x 600 pixels, 300 pixels an inch.  You could probabaly use other combinations but this works for me.


2 Then untick visible in layer properties.


3 Now in layer: Add new layer.  You may want to save at this point so you can use the blank again (you may need to un tick visible when you open the file again).


4 Then open your clip art.  At this point I realise my clip art is too big for my pattern so I click on image: resize then reduce percentage until image is approxiamately 300 pixels x 300 pixels (remember I have set 300 pixels/inch so it depends how big you want your repeat patter to be).

pat4                           pat5

5 Make sure in tools you have  rectangle select highlightedClick on Edit: select all then copy merged.  If you just chose just copy you will paste your invisible image onto your page.

pat7                           pat8

6 Now go back to the page you created 600pxls x 600pxls and in Edit choose Paste into new layer


7 Click on your image and drag it to the middle of the page using the top and side rules as a guide.


8 As with 5 Make sure in tools you have  rectangle select highlightedClick on Edit: select all.  Then click on Effects: Distort: Panelling.  Use slider to move vertical to -300 and hor1zontal to -300.

pat13                           pat14

9 Repeat the steps in 5 to paste a butterfly in the middle.


10 Again make sure in tools rectangle select is highlighted.  Then in edit select all.  Then save the pattern for future use.  Ensure you save the file as a .png file to keep your transparency when you open the file again.  Then open a new file, I used my saved scrapbook blank (3600pixels x 3600 pixels 12″ x 12″ 300pixels/inch).  Which is just a blank scrapbook sized page.  However you could also use a patterned background as I explained here  and/or change the colour to co-ordinate with your clip art as I showed you here

11 Then on the new file (blank or patterned) select Effects:  Fill: From file and chose your saved pattern.

pat17                             pat18

12 Save your finished work.  Here is my finished patterned paper.  Which is free to use and another with a patterned background.  If you using a patterned background you will need to go into layers: add new layer for the second pattern to lay on.

Plain orange butterfly digital paper made from a drawing I did + tutorial Auntie Sceb   Orange butterfly with patterned background digital paper made from a drawing I did + tutorial Auntie Sceb

Have a lovely cup of tea.  I’m also going to have some wendslydale and cranberries with crackers because this tutorial has took me so long and proved harder than I thought!!

I realised doing this tutorial that there was quite a lot of trial and error to get the effect I wanted and also I found I needed to add steps I forgot about.  I hope this tutorial is clear and I haven’t missed any steps out.


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