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How to make clip art from a drawing, photo or picture with

on February 22, 2015

You can make patterned paper using clip art.  You can use a royalty free image or you can make your own.  I will now explain how.  Chose a picture you would like to make into clip art.  This could be a drawing, a photograph or something else.

1 First chose an image you would like to turn into clip art and open it in  I chose an orange butterfly I drew from a collection of sketches I drew.  Last time I showed you some patterned paper I made from the blue butterfly.


2 Use the select tool to highlight the image you want.


3 Then open a blank page and untick visible.  I used my previously saved blank scrapbook page (3600 x 3600 pixels, 12″ x 12″, 300 pixels/inch) though you probabaly could use any size.  Cut and paste your image onto your blank page.


4 Click on view then zoom.  This will just make the next part easier.


 5 Now you need to remove all the background (in this case the white).  There are two ways to do this.  You can just use the eraser which you can make bigger/smaller harder/softer depending on the area you are dealing with.


6 Another way is to use the magic wand tool.  I find this way easier when dealing with delicate areas then I tend to finish missed areas with the eraser tool. Like when we were changing colours using contigous/global flood mode and different tolerance levels highlights different areas.  Try different combinations.


7 Continue to highlight and cut until you have got rid of all of the background and the area surrounding the image looks checked (to indicate transparent).


8 Finally use the select tool again and click on image: crop to selection.


9 Save your new piece of clip art.  Save as a .png file so you don’t lose transparency.


Orange butterfly clip art from a drawing I did + tutorial Auntie Sceb

Have a lovely cup of tea!!


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