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Changing colors in using colour picker

on February 21, 2015

Another way to change colours in is to use colour picker.  Use this if you want to copy a colour exactly.  For instance if I wanted to use the colors in my strawberry hat (who doesn’t love a strawberry hat!)   Here’s how.

In open your image that has the colours you want to use.


2 In tools click on colour picker


3 Left click on one colour and right click on another.  This will set your primary and secondary colour.


4 Open the pattern that you want to change. I chose the stripe pattern again.


5 As previously pick bucket fill in tools and make sure you click on global in floodmode.


 6 Now left click on one stripe and right click in the other.


7 You should now have patterned paper with the colours you want.  Red and green strange combination (should never be seen?) but you can see the colours are the same as the hat.

Chamging colours in using colour picker tutorial by Auntie Sceb

8 Take 5 with a lovely cup of tea.  Today I also have lemon drizzle cake I baked.  Yum


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