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Toilet paper during the apocalypse and a bit of a book review (Apocalypticon)

on February 20, 2015

Maybe toilet paper is not that great a worry to most people following an apocalypse but looking at the alternatives on the internet such as washable cloths makes me think imagine you’ve had an apocalypse then to add insult to injury you have no toilet paper left.

Just yesterday I was talking about this subject with my sister and indeed we both realised we didn’t have enough toilet paper to get us through the week let alone monthsyears following an apocalypse.

By chance last night I just finished a fiction book called Apocalypticon by Clayton Smith.  I ‘bought’ it while it was free and whilst some of these books are great some are awful.  This book had me lauhing and crying in equal measure.  ‘Wacky’ would be a good description!.  Briefly 2 years after the apocalypse two friends decide to go to Disney World because they’ve never been before.  They meet bizarre characters on the way as well as some people who aren’t quite zombies.  But mostly it’s about their friendship.  I loved it.  It’s no longer free but I can throughly recommend it.

Anyway I digress.  Along the way they come to a commune and one of the chsaracters is handed a cabbage leaf for his visit to the outhouse and he is over the moon!

So I’m thinking cabbages are a good food source anyway (loads of calcium) so in my apocalypse which with it being my apocalypse will be one where you can grow stuff I’ll be growing cabbages!!

I will also be stock piling the toilet roll because I’m quite sure that toilet roll will be worth a lot in the new currency!!


2 responses to “Toilet paper during the apocalypse and a bit of a book review (Apocalypticon)

  1. Kitkat says:

    Love some of your ideas and def going to look at getting book 🙂

    My thoughts are about growing cabbages and bugs! Ive only tried a couple of times but each time ive lost them to catterpillars or slugs. Got a back up for if this happens or suggestions on how to avoid it happening?


    • auntiesceb says:

      Ha ha I currently live in a flat so I don’t even have a garden yet!! Get the slugs drunk on beer I read that keeps them away. I’m a vegetarian but I think if the apocalypse should happen I would have to eat what’s available like slugs and caterpillars? Maybe some kind of polytunnel would work. I did find a site that showed you how to make a greenhouse out of cd cases. I had a lot but I was ruthless and threw them out not having a garden swayed me!! My Mum reckons that with the corn on the cob it’s the leaves not the cob you use!!! So maybe that’s an option then you could eat the sweetcorn!!


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