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Spoon theory or bean theory

on February 19, 2015

I have ME/CFS relatively mildly.  Midly because I still manage to work two days a week.  Severe would mean I’d be bed bound at best.

I manage to work two days a week with ‘mild’ symptoms because I stick with in my energy limits.  If I go outside these limits then I feel ill and may only be able to deal with my basic care needs.

Many people with CFS/ME and indeed any long term condition are familar with Spoon Theory

It explains how we spend our energy well, though spoons are an odd symbol.

I really like another theory involving beans

I like this explanation because it explains why we can do more one day and not another though not scientific as it says, it’s definately how my body works.  It also demonstrates how I might risk a fun day out and deal with the consequences.  It doesn’t mean I’m better it just means it’s worth risking the crash for.

It also explains why I do very little housework. particularly hoovering which to me is like running a marathon.  It’s the crash without the reward.

Some days I go out if I can find the energy to cook a meal I then do not have the energy to eat it or, I feel too nauseous to eat it.  Often though I don’t feel it until the next day or the day after that but this depends o how many days I’ve been pushing myself.

Lately I find I can work two days a week and then maybe visit someone or go shopping on another day.  But for two weeks I’m on annual leave so in theory I can do about 3 things this week.  However I’ve learnt by combining activities I can do a little more so today I’m visiting a friend for a couple of hours then visiting my Grandma on the way home.  Half the battle is getting washed, dressed and driving so I’m saving that energy doing one trip.

For many people with ME/CFS this would be lovely as they are far more limited.  I’ve largely come to terms with what I can and can not do but there are days when I scream inside ‘It’s not enough’

So I turned to my new found hobbies and keep them next to me and when I remember I write down (or just think) about 3 things I have achieved that day and things look a little brighter.


6 responses to “Spoon theory or bean theory

  1. Jessica says:

    glad you like the bean images! Hope they help you describe what your life is like a little better 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. auntiesceb says:

    Thanks Jessica. I actually have the whole thing printed out (5 A4 ) and taped to my fridge. It’s a reminder for me and I hope it sends subliminal messages to everyone else!!


  3. […] of those hand car washes while you shop to save energy for something else (see spoon/bean theory I happily drove off and as my windscreen was smeared I put my wipers on. Only my wiper flew off […]


  4. jessicacrafts says:

    I heard about the bean theory for the first time the other day and I think it definitely helps explain the pay back thing better.


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