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How to change the colour of your patterned paper using paint bucket

on February 19, 2015

So you’ve made a pattern or found a pattern but you want to change the colors.  This tutorial explains how to change colours using paint bucket

1 In open the pattern you want to change.  I’ve chosen the diagonal striped paper we made before.

Black and White Stripes

2 Click on colours on the top right of the screen.


Then pick one color for primary and one color for secondary in the drop down menu.


3 Click on the bucket tool.  Then in flood mode click on global.  If you pick contigous only the stripe you click on will change colour.  In global all stripes of that color will change colour.


Left click on the colour you want to change to the primary colour you chose earlier and right click to change the colour to the secondary colour.

How to change the colour of your patterned paper using paint bucket

5 Admire your work!  Have a nice cup of tea.


For this and other techniques I found I could not select anything after fiddling around I found I’d opened another layer or had done some other strange thing!  To solve this I either used undo until I got to a point where I could select a colour or I went into image and picked flatten or layers and picked merge down.

Another problem you might have is if you chose very similar colours to what the pattern already has the paint bucket may fill everything to rectify this check your tolerance which is the top middle of the screen.  If it is set too high it will pick similar colours as well as the colours you want so lower it and you should find that solves the problem.


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  1. Denver says:

    That’s more than sesibnle! That’s a great post!


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