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Changing colours in using Hue/Saturation

on February 19, 2015

This is perhaps an easier method of changing colour however I found it didn’t work with the black and white pattern it’s also not very accurate but it’s easy and fun!

Open the image of the pattern you want to change.  I chose the pinky purple one I made last time.


2 In adjustments at the top pick Hue/Saturation (I have one with more features from Boltbait’s Plugin which includes file fill but it’s not needed for this)


3 Play with hue until you get something you like


4 Save the image.  You may get a warning that transparency may be lost don’t worry just ignore it.

Changing colours in using Hue/Saturation by Auntie Sceb

5 Congratulate yourself with a lovely cup of tea.


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