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How to make digital patterned paper using

on February 18, 2015

After uploading the paper I made I thought it might be helpful to show how I did it.  I started with the pumpkin paper but that was not the easiest so I will start more basic.

1 Download

2 Download ‘fill’ I had a few problems accessing this file.  It is a zip file.  You need to extract it to Programme Files:  Effects or you won’t work.  I had to use the winzip wizard because when I tried just extracting I got the message illegal command or something as I didn’t have admin. rights (probably how my laptop is set you may be ok)

3 Most scrapbook paper is 12″ x 12 so click on File: New:  Width: 3600 Height: 3600 Resolution:300 pixels/inch Print Size: Width: 12 Height: 12 Inches.  You could now save this as a master for all your paper.


Then find a pattern you like.  I went to to find an image they have lots of royalty free clipart that you can use as you want for free.

I chose this:

stripes  Found here:

5 Click on Effects:  Fill:  Fill From File and choose your file.


You should now have some patterned paper.

How to make digital patterned paper using

Now you can feel very pleased with yourself.  Have a lovely cup of tea!

Next time I’ll explain how to change the colour of the stripes.  There is a couple of different ways.


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